Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Story By Hadley

Last week Hadley made up a story using a twist tie as a main character.  You know, those twisty things you use to tie garbage bags or bags of chips with?  She twirled it around her finger and apparently this inspired her to come up with a story about a spring who saved a squirrel.

I thought the story was pretty clever so I wrote it down as she said it.  She used words like "bobbed" and "rustling" and I couldn't help but be proud. 

I wanted to make this story into a book, but the last time I tried this it didn't go too well.  I think Hadley got overwhelmed with all the writing and lost interest.  So instead of having her rewrite her own words, I typed up the sentences twice, taped one copy on a baggy, then cut up parts of the second copy for Hadley to put together.

She put her words in order, then glued them onto pages I made for her.

Then she illustrated her story.

Here's the story: The Spring Who Save the Baby Squirrel that was Stuck in the Mug of Hot Coffee
by Hadley

One day I heard an annoying rustling sound.  It was a squirrel that was stuck in a mug of hot coffee.
So I bobbed along the path to save the baby squirrel.
The baby squirrel was by a cat-o. A cat-o is the Spanish word for cap.*
After I saved the squirrel I bobbed along the path to tell my mommy and daddy all about my adventure.
The End.

(*Hadley's likes to make up a words and say "That's Spanish for.....")


  1. This is a real win-win! Hadley isn't daunted by all that writing, and she indirectly learns about structuring text at the same time. I think her Spanish words are so cute!

  2. How cute! She looks very proud of her story, too!

  3. You should be proud! This is awesome on so many levels: creativity, writing, reading, and on. Very neat.

  4. I love it! Great work, mum- this is a wonderful literacy experience.

  5. quoalo!!!!!

    *** that's Spanish for: brilliant mom shares terrific post with the world. What a treasure to save for years ahead, when she has her first book-reading at her best-seller's launch!!

  6. Very impressive Momma! Tell your daughter I really liked her story. The way you supported your daughter just enough is awesome. I love the proud look on her face!
    I'm sure I'll be adding a link to this post on my blog someday to show parents how to encourage their children to write.