Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Recently we took a l'il vacay to the OBX and had ourselves a grand time.  On the last night there, Hadley, Jesse, my dad, and I walked along the beach looking for seashells.  It was a scene straight out of Wave....except instead of just the girl and all those birds it was Hadley, her parents, and her grandfather.  Still, it was very Norman Rockwell.
Hadley collected several seashells she liked and put them in a bag.  I thought that she might like to decorate them during her "down time" in the afternoon one day this week.  Hadley likes to do anything that I'm doing during quiet time which makes these hours in the day a little challening for me.  I adore the child, but sometimes it's nice to have a little quiet in the day. 

However, I have found that if we are doing arts and crafts together, she can work on her stuff, and I can work on my stuff and the both of us are happy.  So that's what we did this week.
A bag o' goodies I made for Hadley's teacher.  To be clear - I stamped it.  I did not sew it.
A note to go with the bag.
Meanwhile, Hadley painted and glitterfied seashells.

Hadley says the most interesting and funny things when we are both working and it's just the two of us. I like to keep a notebook close by so I can remember what she says.  I assumed that since we just got back from the beach, and she was with several of her relatives, she'd talk to  me about her time there.  So I was eager to hear what she said.

Here's what happened:
"Momma, remember when you, Grandma, me, and Daddy were at the pool on vacation?"


"Well, remember when Daddy said, 'Mom' and you and Grandma both said, 'What?'"


"He shoulda just said, 'Callie.' Then you woulda known who he was talking to."

"That's a good point, Hadley."

That's all I got.

C'mon, Hadley.  Don't you know I completely depend on your for my writing material?  


  1. What a sweet scene! Hadley did have something to tell you -- you are YOU, not to be confused with anyone else. :) Thanks for sharing this story!

  2. Calie, so cute!!!!! What a great story. How have you been? Sorry I've been year has been so busy at the end I've been swamped!

  3. Hi thanks for your comment yesterday. What a fun post. I agree with Judith, Hadley did have a lot to say. In those pictures she shows what a great and caring mom you are. Good for you! I will be following.

  4. Hi Callie - I have an award for you on my blog! Please stop by.

    Jennifer Young (Castles in the Sky)