Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Student Poetry

I am behind in posting student work from Goshen Middle School, which is a shame because this latest batch of work has been impressive.  Lisa, the teacher of this group, had the students describe a book or an experience reading a story through poetry.  I love this idea, and I think each poem is so unique.

The first one, by Jennifer, takes a personal look at a very familar story in our household.  Readers to young children will probably know the story right away.

"Family, Family"

Little sister, little sister
What do you see?
I see my big brother
Looking at me.

Big brother, big brother
What do you see?
I see my big sister
Looking at me.

Big sister, Big sister
What do you see?
I see my little sister
Looking at me.

Little sister, little sister
What do you see?
I see my parents
Looking at me.

Parents, parents
What do you see?
We see our children
Getting sleepy.

The second poem, by Kim, describes the suspense reading can bring as well as how hard it can be to put a book down.

The cover looks OK
Harmless enough
I open the cover and start in on an unknown world

The story's getting better
I can't stop reading
Flip, flip, flipping the pages
All the characters are popping out of the book

They're showing me the story in their eyes
Soon they pull me in with them
I feel what Nora feels as Patch
gets closer and closer

I see how much taller Patch is then Nora,
And I see the black eerie upside down V
Scar on his back

Something's going to happen
Nora touches his right scar
Now we're both in his memory
The place is familar

We can't believe what we're hearing, what we're seeing
And then it's over
We're out of Patch's memory
We feel his anger
His strength
And, and


"Mommmm! Ugh!

Nora and Patch look at me
"We understand," they say.

As I shut the door behind me,
I wonder,
Is it a good idea to leave those two alone?
Who knows what they might do.