Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Leaving You With Something Better Than Before"

Hadley and Harper are both frightened and excited when we get the car washed.  I understand, too.  It's loud and somewhat disorienting to have monster washclothes thud and splash at you as you are pulled along slowly.  And you're not really sure what's coming next, but here you sit waiting. 

It always seems quiet as those plastic curtains lift off the windshield to reveal the outside.  The last bit of water dries, and then we're on our way with a new, clean car.  Although, I always feel like we've been in another world for a bit, and that we have a new lense to look at the "real" world after we've left.

Cameron, a student at Goshen Middle School, compares going to a carwash with reading a book in the following poem.  I love the metaphor.


Books are like carwashes,
Hooking you in, pulling you to the action.
You're not sure what will happen next
But the author gives hints.

You feel like the character
As they are battered and beaten with events.
What's that?
Is that the end?

No. The big dryers add something
Entirely different,
Then it's over,
The mystery solved.
Leaving you with something better than before.

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