Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Birthday Game and Birthday Books

Because I have this need to be crafty, I wanted to make something for Hadley's 4th birthday.  I thought it would be fun to make some kind of game with a few books that Hadley enjoyed over this past year.  So I created the "Fancy Nancy, Frances, and Franklin Game."
Basically, you try and answer a question about Frances, Fancy Nancy, or Franklin, and if you answer correctly you get to move a couple of spaces.  Nothing too complicated.

Here's Hadley trying to decide which piece she wants to be.  You can choose from a picture of chocolate syrup, an apple, salt a pepper shakers, or a carton of milk.  Do I have to say what Hadley chooses every time?

Here are a few questions (that Hadley is pretty good at answering): Why can't Fancy Nancy go to Bree's birthday party? Why doesn't Franklin want an x-ray? What does Frances buy Gloria for her birthday?

Hadley seems to enjoy playing, and it's a fun way to remember some of her favorite books from the previous year.

Today my other daughter, Harper, turns 2, but I didn't make her a birthday game.  We did, however read Happy Birthday, Gorilla by Ruth Bornstein, and Hippos Go Berserk by Sandra Boynton.  Both fine party books, if you ask me.  Last night, Jesse read A Birthday for Frances by Russell Hoban to Hadley after she said, "I think I need to open Harper's presents for her because she won't know how to do it."  We told her she should let Harper give it a try first to which she replied, "OK, she can pull off one side, but I'll do the rest."

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