Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another Snow Day

It seems appropriate to read books about cold weather and snow for this time of year, so today the girls and I took a look at The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats.  And since there was some snow on the ground, it seemed appropriate to go outside in it.  You know, since Peter did.

Keats doesn't write about how long it took Peter to put on his snow pants, mittens, hat, and boots on.  I'm assuming this is because it's not poetic.  In our home, it takes a good 30 minutes to get Hadley and Harper in their snow gear.  And that doesn't count the conversation I have with Harper about why she needs to wear her snow gear in the first place.  I was sweating bricks by the time we got outside, and was happy for the cold that smacked me in the face.

The girls enjoyed the outside as well, and they played with sticks and made snow angels just like Peter.

Look at Harper's face.  She's like, "This is the lamest snow angel ever."

In the story, Peter brings a snowball into the house and is saddened to find that it melted.  A real low point in the story, if you ask me.  It reminds me of the time I learned I was going to travel to school in a carpool.  I thought I would be picked up in a car with a pool attached to it.  You can imagine my disappointment.  Anyway, Hadley put some snow in a bowl and brought it inside and watched to see how long it took to melt.

Hadley wrote down the time we checked the bowl of snow: 11:00, 11:13, 11:45, 12: 15, and 12:57. (It seems that perhaps I need to help Hadley with her number writing.)  I wrote down what she said when she took a look at the snow. 

Look at me using math again.  This is the second post in a row!  Of course, I didn't come up with this idea myself, (although the observation sheet was my idea).  Ms Raines who wrote More Story Stretchers helped me out a l'il bit. 

Before you know it, we'll be solving for x.


  1. What a perfect book choice for the weather! My four year old just brought this book home from school, it was a gift from her teachers and we've been enjoying it as well:)

  2. Those are the things us Moms can do on snowy, cold days that our kiddos will always remember and appreciate. We just moved to FL from CO and I had many days just like yours...good job for sticking it out!