Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday Snapshot - Tubing

Have you ever heard anyone describe what it's like to go tubing?  Or have you ever described a tubing experience yourself?  Have you noticed how scary and violent it sounds?   It's so much fun, but I'm surprised that I think being yanked behind a boat going really fast while I bump around uncontrollably and hold on for dear life is fun.  That's what I was thinking when I read Philip's piece on tubing.  After I finished reading it, I wanted to know whether he had a good time or not.  I'm pretty sure he would say he had a great time.  But it sounds awful.

My lungs are burning as I gasp for air.  I can't see quite how high I am, the spray of water blinds me, but I can feel gravity tugging at me.  I feel helpless as I see the white water rushing up towards me and I brace myself for impact.
I land on the water, clutching onto the tube.  My muscles are straining as I struggle to cling on.  My body slides to the right and I try to gain balance as I hit a huge wave.  Panic floods my mind and I  hope that I will be OK.
The fall is unexpected.  I see the wave.  I see the driver's smile as he floors the boat. My hands are tearing free from the handles and I'm airborn.
The icy cold water swallows me up.  I feel my life jacket tugging me up, I'm glad that it's over and I can finally relax.

Philip is a student in Lisa Herschberger's class at Goshen Middle School.

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