Monday, October 25, 2010

Book Club Does Halloween

For book club last week, the group and I read a book called Spooky Spooky Spooky! by Cathy MacLennan.  We read through the story once, commenting on things like, "horrible howling cats" and "slithery slugs," and then we made owls to accompany our second reading.

I asked the girls to put their owls in front of their faces and say, "Spooky, spooky, spooky!" when we read it in the story.  Here they are practicing:

It's scary, right?

After our owl craft, we went on a "Halloween Trick or Treat Hunt."  Each of the girls got a plastic bag and looked around the house for stickers, bundles of colored pencils, and "fancy" rings that (were supposed to) light up!

After our treasure hunt, we made jack-o-laterns.  Well, we colored a pumpkin and then glued eyes, a nose and mouth onto it.  I was a little nervous leading a group of toddlers in a "carve your own pumpkin activity."

At least, some of us glued two eyes, a mouth and a nose on our pumpkins.  Others decided to put Dora stickers on it.  It's all good.

To finish our time together, we ate pumpkin spice muffins and drank apple juice. 

I love this time of year, and I love the variety of stories that go with it.  Another fun blog that's got several good looking Halloween books is Katie's Literature Lounge.  Defintely worth a stop.

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