Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Hadley and I have been reading the book, The Toolbox by Anne and Harlow Rockwell. I picked it out a few weeks ago because Hadley is very interested in tools, and what they do. When Jesse gets his toolbox out, Hadley will get hers out, and see if she has the same equipment to help out.

On the first page, the narrator introduces the toolbox and says, "It's dark brown where hands have touched it." I liked that line. I liked that the authors wrote it that way instead of, "It's been used a lot." When I read it to Hadley, she quickly interrupts and asks, "Who touched it? Where is he? What did he do with the toolbox? What did he build?" Hadley isn't much for waxing poetic, I guess. She needs to know the facts of the story. Stat.

But we read through the book several times in the weeks we had it checked out. At one point, Hadley got out her toolbox, and we made a list of the things the toolbox in the book had in it, and the tools Hadley had in her toolbox.

Hadley was interested in completing our list with the things she didn't have in her toolbox, like sharp wire cutters and oil. I told her we didn't have those things, but I gave her a ruler and work gloves, and that seemed to please her.

Hadley enjoys measuring things. She frequently asks how tall things are: "How tall am I? How tall is this chair? How tall is Big Bird?" If I say, "I'm not sure, why don't you measure it with your ruler?" She'll tell me she measured the object, and "It's about a 5." Seems right to me.

Here she is measuring her blocks.

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