Sunday, October 4, 2009

He Don't Have No Pants!

I found Happy and Sad Grouchy and Glad in the dollar section of Target and snatched it up for three reasons: 1)it was $1, 2)it had the Sesame Street characters in it, and 3)I thought it'd be a good way to talk about the different emotions we have. However, here is the lesson Hadley learned form the book:

While reading through this together the first time, I laughed outloud at the part where Bert is doing a dance and his pants fall down. He says, "I feel so embarrassed in polka dot pants!" Hadley, however, didn't see what was so funny about this, but wanted in on the joke because I was laughing. I said, "Bert doesn't have any pants on!" and then had a discussion about how we usually like to keep our pants on, especially in public.

It didn't take long for this concept to kick. Later that week, every time Hadley took a bath, she'd come running out of the bathroom naked and say, "Wook Mama! I'm just like Bert!" I thought this was hysterical which only brought more giggles from Hadley.

One day while we were shopping at Macy's, Hadley spotted a Calvin Klein ad. More specifically, an underwear Calvin Klein ad. She stared at it for awhile and said, "Hey Mama. That guy's just like Bert. He don't have no pants!" Thank you, Sesame Street.

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